This is a wonderful detergent for your sports clothes for going to gym, swimming, jogging, wear on a walk! It is light, pleasant and will keep the elasticity and softness of your sportswear.

You can safely use it often and / or every day! Use at temperatures not higher than 40 °C. Use only in the hand washing programs of your washing machine.


One time, 3 months – 51 BGN, 6 months – 102 BGN, 9 months – 153 BGN, 12 months – 204 BGN


No Back has a Smart Cap.

This is the cap, which when filled contains liquid of exactly 30ml of detergent. This is the the required dose of detergent that NoBack provides for washing one laundry.

It is not necessary to look at the divisions and dashes on the cap.

Put the laundry in the washing machine and pour 1 full cap of your detergent into the main laundry compartment. The result will be excellent. We guarantee it!

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